Rope access is one of the safest ways to carry out high access maintenance and repairs

Rope Access staff

Rope Access offers flexible and cost effective solutions for difficult access projects. Whether your location is too high, too deep or too complex for conventional access equipment such as a scaffolds or aerial platforms, our qualified Rope Access staff will get the job done. SHS has a dedicated team of Rope Access specialists and other construction professionals who are able to carry out any high access task. We can unburden you and supply you with any specialist you need.

HRM in Rope Access employees and construction staff

SHS Human resource management (SHSHRM) provides qualified Rope Access professionals for your high access projects. We supply Rope Access specialists for both short - and long-term projects. We can provide Rope Access professionals, as well as the scaffold builders, aerial platform workers and other specialists. We offer all-round solutions, so you don't have to worry about the staff for your project.

Rope Access professionals

The strength of ouronals Rope Access employees lies in the fact that they are not only trained according to the required rules and regulations for Rope Access work, they also excel in their own field as a painter, welder, scaffolder builder, window cleaner and many other fields. Therefore, we provide a Rope Access specialist and a professional specialist in one. Which Rope Access specialists can we deploy for your project?

Certified Rope Access staff

All our Rope Access professionals meet the required certification requirements. They are holders of IRATA, VCA and SPRAT certificates. All SHS Rope Access staff have an IRATA qualification of at least level 1, and generally level 2. In order to ensure safety during projects, an IRATA Level 3 qualified supervisor is present at all times. In addition, we employ Rope Access specialists with years of experience and specified essential certification required in the offshore, processing & petrochemical industries. Our staff has been selected on the experience they have gained, their qualifications, as well as on their craftsmanship and expertise. Due to the professionalism of our specialists, thorough preparation and tight working procedures, safety is guaranteed at all times.

Rope Access services

Whatever project you might have at height or at locations that are difficult to access, we can provide you with professional and qualified Rope Access staff to get the job done. Our key services include:

· Welding / Specific welding procedures

· Cathodic protection

· Blasting / coating / painting

· Scaffolding construction

· Repair work

· Cleaning work

· Inspections

· Apply/replace sealing joints

· Renovations

· Instal display advertising messages

· Instal light and sound installations at events

· Work on windmills, masts and bridges

· Installation and assembly work

· Maintenance and service work

· Cable placement

Is the speciality that you require not on this list? Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will ensure your project is delivered safely and professionally.

Interested in hiring our expert rope access operatives?

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