Rope access & Scaffolding as complimentary disciplines.

The SHS vision is orthodox and refreshing. SHS operates anywhere in the world and is able to combine all forms of height services per individual project. Why is our formula so exciting? We combine all forms of scaffolding, like All-round system scaffolding, Dutch traditional key scaffolding but also UK style traditional tube and fitting. We apply Rope access together with all the above mentioned scaffolding systems when assessed possible and technically effective. We can also deploy all the above mentioned disciplines individually.

Rope access may well be the solution to your challenge. 

  • Less time consumption to arrange required workscope.
  • Direct problem fixing. 
  • Fast to deploy at any given location.
  • Less expensive than traditional access solutions in specific circumstances.

We strongly promote a broad range of scaffolding applications, and we also promote Rope access for specific circumstances. Rope access is immediate, effective and very quick when used in the right context. When required we also make use of mechanical and electrical height operational devices. We apply our formula where allowed and when possible in industrial locations such as in the process,civil and construction industry.

SAFETY FIRST! But getting the required result comes a close second.

We are set on unburdening our clients as much as possible. Why build a hanging scaffold when rope access is faster and very much less expensive. Just ask and maybe we can surprise you with an unexpected effective solution. 


Rope access and Scaffolding


Achieving the absolute highest professional standards in height services for the most competitive tariffs.