Scaffolding Protect System (SPS)

SPS - A Rogo bouw product

The scaffolding Security & Allweather continuation system for the 21st century SPS benefits

  • Security
  • Burglary / theft prevention
  • Allweather continuation system
  • Insulating and soundproofing
  • Time saving for the contractor Characteristics

The system is intended to serve as a security and work-through system in contemporary scaffolding construction, where safety is given increasing importance and getting a priority role.

The system protects the personnel of construction companies better. When using the system, it is practically impossible to fall off the scaffolding.

In addition to the security function, the system has another important function, namely the possibility to close construction sites or other projects. Because construction sites can be more or less hermetically sealed using the system, it has a preventive function to counteract burglary in construction projects and decrease the theft of expensive equipment.

In addition, the system has an insulating and sound-proofing function. It is possible to work longer in bad weather conditions, eg: a new form of temporary roofing, which means that considerable time savings can be achieved due to work continuation.

Surrounding objects will be less affected by "construction noise".

"The system is intended to serve as security in contemporary scaffolding" Material The system consists of a combination of aluminum profiles and PVC sheets.

There are two aluminum frames, straight frames and corner frames.

The made-to-measure PVC sheets are slid into the right or corner frames with which a perfect seal is realized. The system is then mounted on site to the scaffolding using special clamps. In doing so, the entire scaffolding or the entire project can be closed off.

Waste, material or tools can therefore no longer fall off the scaffolding. As outlined above, the benefits consist of increasing security, burglary prevention and sound insulation. Work can continue under almost all weather conditions, therfore saving time and costs. Lockable doors can be installed in the system at any desired location, which can be supplied in various sizes and can be applied at various levels.


  • Outside projects
  • Indoor projects with independent units
  • Indoor renovation projects
  • Complete canopy and enclosure system
  • Asbestos removal
  • Party tents and stages

RoGo Construction and its predecessors have been active in this industry for more than 45 years. Dealing with all parts of scaffolding in the broadest sense of the word. The company is run by a two-headed leadership. Until now, the work area was mainly located in The Netherlands and the continental shelf (offshore). Our projects are versatile and include construction projects, renovation projects, bridge construction, industrial projects etc.

We would be very happy to present the system to you and discuss its applicability with all the benefits to suite your company's needs.